If someone asked me to summarize Eva’s approach in three words I would say: intuitive, professional, compassionate. through the entire process she was punctual, courteous, and treated me and my belongings with great care, and she has an amazing sense of which items to pull from the chaos and where to not only keep the like items together, but to best store them for convenience and accessibility. A+++!”


Eva took the time to ease my worried mind.She assured me that my disaster area would be no problem for her. And when she met ‘it’, she met it head on. SHE Found everything a home and showed the door to unnecessary clutter. She is aN ABSOLUTE pleasure to work witH!”


Eva is fast, friendly and efficient! She transformed my garage into a functional storage place, and helped me with the process of sorting through decades of paperwork- all with a smile and a fantastic ‘can-do’ attitude! I can’t wait to to have her back to tackle my kitchEN!


‘I need space.’ This sentence from a partner would be met with a feeling of dread. But it’s true, isn’t it? We do need space: the space to be ourselves, both with others and when alone.

Eva gave me space. She took a cluttered area, clogged with ignored paperwork and other debris, and transformed it into an organized space where I can work.

Eva also gave me space. She helped me clear the results of several years of inertia so I could have room to create again. I let go of what I didn’t need and Eva organized what I wanted to keep.

Hiring Eva will help organize your physical space. As a bonus, your mental space will be REFRESHED.”


“Eva is magic. Sharing a studio with another person and keeping an organized space is hard. On top of that I have an extensive clothing collection and my boyfriend is kind of a hoarder. Needless to say I’ve been trying to organize our home for years. Eva came in and worked absolute wonders. What I’ve been battling with for years she whipped right into shape. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for her helP.