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Q: What are your rates?

A: I charge by job type and location relative to my home base. I charge an additional travel stipend if I am going significantly outside of my regular cities. As far as job type, I charge more for garages and “dirty jobs” (like a highly neglected refrigerator or bathroom area) and less for bedrooms and pantries, although this does somewhat depend on the state of these areas. Please contact me and let me know your needs and if there is anything I need to be aware.

Q: How long will it take?

A: This depends on the size and scope of the job. An entire home will generally take more time than one room but that is not always the case. Sending me photos of the areas of concern is extremely helpful for allowing me to accurately assess the amount of time an organizing project will take. That being said, I can generally make small miracles happen in 4-5 hours but I am willing to work as long as 10 hours at one time, until the task is completed to your satisfaction.

Q: How does this work?

A: The organizing process is different for every client and I am here for your utmost comfort. If you would like to work side by side with me, I welcome that. More often than not however, my clients will be home when I work to answer questions I may have about items, but I usually work pretty independently. When I have completed the task at hand I take clients on a tour of the area and show them what I have done. I show them exactly where everything has been shelved, hung, bagged, boxed, and folded. That way there are no questions and I can tweak here and there if need be. Sometimes clients are even away for the entire day while I work and in those instances I send photos/texts to communicate thoroughly where every item is.

Q: What do you throw away/recycle? I’m concerned that you will toss something out that I am saving!

A: Unless it is obvious garbage or recycling (a candy wrapper, an empty soda can, an expired coupon), I do not throw anything away without the client’s permission. I set miscellaneous items (items that do not fit neatly into every day categories) aside and run them by you before I do anything with them. It may be an old magazine or a To Do list from months ago, but I am going to check with YOU to make certain it is something don’t want.

Q: Do you help with packing for moves and unpacking?

A: Yes!

Q: Do I have to purchase expensive organizing accessories like shelves, bins and containers?

A: No, this is not required. The vast majority of people already have storage and organizing items in their home. They just may not be utilizing them in the best possible way if at all. My goal is to try my best to work with what you have, thus saving you money.

However, if we deem it neccesary, I am happy to purchase organizing items in advance (like hangers, hooks, storage boxes, file folders, baskets, bins) OR if the client prefers, I can go shopping with the client the day of. If I purchase before the job, I save the receipt(s) and the client reimburses me the amount on the day of the job. Depending on the scope of my shopping, additional hourly fees may apply, but generally I can make a quick stop at one retailer so I don’t have to charge the client anything additionally. This will all be communicated and agreed upon in advance.

Q: What all do you organize? I don’t see anything on your site that looks like what I need.

A: I’m happy to say I have organized a LOT of different items over the years. You may not see photos of a particular organizing task that I have completed because the client hasn’t given me permission to take photos. But here is a list of what I have organized in the past:

Sporting equipment
Photography equipment
Craft supplies
Baking equipment
Old show fliers
Camping equipment
Kitchen pantries
Burlesque costumes
Children’s toys
Home libraries
Office supplies
Board games
Sewing supplies
Coffee mug collections
Burning Man accessories
Phone chargers and cords
Medicine…and More!